The Science Behind the Flavor Wheel and the Brewing Control Chart

Learn about the fundamental scientific principles behind such tools as the SCA/WCR Flavor Wheel and Brewing Control Chart, and on the specific research behind them. Build your understanding of sensory science, descriptive analysis, hedonic testing, and difference testing.

Peter Giuliano Chief Research Officer, Specialty Coffee Association

Sensory Descriptive Analysis Workshop: Using References
Learn professional techniques of sensory analysis for proper use of the WCR Lexicon and SCA Flavor Wheel with this workshop, aimed at giving you lots of practical experience using the lexicon references. Ask questions, taste and smell a variety of coffees and references with your peers to fully understand how a universal language of coffee flavor benefits us all.

Kadri Koppel Assistant Professor, Kansas State University

Sensory Descriptive Analysis Workshop: Describing Coffees
Using what we’ve learned, we’ll use our tools to taste and evaluate a number of coffees and references, aiming to systematically categorize and describe the coffees in an accurate, intelligible way.

Trish Rothgeb Co-founder and Roastmaster, Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters

Chocolate Tasting and Cacao Grading for the Coffee Professional
As coffee’s closest culinary sibling, a strong vocabulary of chocolate tasting and cacao grading terminology is essential for the coffee tasting professional. Learn about professional techniques of chocolate tasting, understand styles of chocolate, and develop raw cacao grading techniques of the Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute, all intended to develop an understanding of this important food.

Carla Martin Executive Director, Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute

Physical and Sensory Measures of Coffee Extraction: New Research
Learn about new, cutting edge sensory and physical research into coffee extraction happening now at the UC Davis Coffee Center in collaboration with the Specialty Coffee Association. Understand how brewing geometry (filter basket shape), extraction dynamics, roast level, and other factors affect sensory attributes of coffee using systematic, objective measurement techniques.

William Ristenpart Professor of Chemical Engineering and Director of the UC Davis Coffee Center

The Sensory Impact of Coffee Processing
The impact of post-harvest processing on coffee flavor is well known but poorly understood. Get a glimpse into the Coffee Quality Institute’s new curriculum on coffee processing, and understand specific techniques and impacts of processing techniques, equipment and problems. You’ll taste a variety of coffees, understanding the specific results of processing choices.

Krude C.H. Lin Principal Investigator, Taiwan Coffee Laboratory

Wine Sensory Analysis for the Coffee Professional
Wine tasting is a sophisticated and complex skill, and understanding the concepts of wine evaluation is critical for anyone who works as a sensory analyst. Learn fundamentals of wine tasting, food pairing, sensory exploration and description in this world-class tasting event.

Dr. Hoby Wedler CEO + Lead Designer, Senspoint Design