What is Sensory Forum?

Sensory Forum : A Coffee Science Event is a two-day series of lectures for coffee professionals taking place in Taiwan this July 18-19. Join us to learn about the sensory science behind the SCA Flavor Wheel, the flavor implications of genetics and varieties in coffee, and access the latest research from SCA's partnerships with universities. Experts from across the industry will discuss the latest sensory science and chemistry in cold brewed coffee, the neuroscience of sensory perception, and much more.

Every lecture will feature a hands-on sensory experience, and attendees will have a chance to experience coffee science firsthand.

關於 Sensory Forum

本次感官論壇 , Sensory Forum, 是探索咖啡中的化學概念。為期兩天的一系列課程,是專為咖啡專業人士所設計的活動。我們將在這次論壇:探入探討SCA 風味輪背後的感官科學,了解咖啡遺傳因子和咖啡種源對於風味的關聯性,更不藏私的與學員分享SCA與各大頂尖咖啡研究機構的最新研究精華,也有目前熱門的冷萃咖啡沖煮之感官與咖啡科學之間的奧妙,當然深度探索以神經科學的角度論述感官知覺... 等等,活動內容豐富,精彩可期。與會的學員嘉賓都有機會實際操作與感受每堂課程所聚焦的感官體驗。講師將包括來自世界各地的咖啡研究者、科學家和專家。 



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